& accessories

Deliverable variations and accessories

Support structures
  • folded sheet metal structure for sliding belt guiding
    • material::
      standard steel St 37.2
      stainless steel 1.4301/1.4571

  • tubular frame design or sheet metal structure for rolling belt guiding
    • material:
      standard steel St. 37.2
      stainless steel 1.4301/1.4571
Special designs subject to material or operating conditions.

  • painted in RAL colours
  • hot dipped galvanised
  • special coatings

  • rigid design
  • vertically adjustable and inclinable
  • extras:
    • bottom plates for permanent installation
    • bogie wheels
    • castor wheels with wheel and gear brake
    • screwed supports

  • subject to operating conditions
  • heavy-duty wheels
  • rigid or vertically adjustable by means of hydraulic telescopic cylinder or track jack
    • special designs with gear wheels to move by electric
    • ball-bearing pivot for sluable design

Belt drives
  • spur-gearing motors
  • worm-gear motors
  • bevel-gear motors
  • barrel-type motors
  • variable speed gearing motors
  • gear-box brake motors
  • frequency-controlled drives
  • hydraulic and pneumatic drives
  • special drives

Belt materials and designs
  • PVC belts
  • PU belts
  • rubber belts
  • modular plastic belts
  • modular wire-mesh belts
  • special belts

Belt qualities
  • standard qualities
  • oil, grease and acid-proof
  • food quality, FDA approved
  • limited resistance to cuts
  • laterally stable in the case of L and Z-type conveyors
  • unaffected by changes in temperature

Belt carrying side, material and design
  • cleated design
  • side-wall design
  • PVC grip top design for steep-incline conveying (Supergrip, etc.)
  • U-profile steep-incline design
  • herring-bone design
  • other designs and coatings subject to material and operating conditions

Belt support side, material and design
  • Fabric reinforcement for sliding belt guiding
  • PVC or rubber reinforcement for rolling belt guiding
  • spline-part designs for positive belt guiding
  • sprocket-belt designs

Belt cleaning systems
  • stationary brush rods
  • brush rollers (driven)
  • multi-plate spring scrapers
  • plough-type scraper

Lateral guiding
  • side guides of sheet metal with various heights - subject to the volume to be conveyed
  • side rails, vertically and horizontally adjustable
  • side guides of plastic

Switching and controlling elements
  • motor protection switch with CEE plug as on/off switch
  • emergency push-button stop switch / emergency release-cord stop switch
  • rotation sensor / belt-tracking switch / pedal switch
  • safety limit switch / inductive approximity switch
  • light barriers / US sensors / photocells
  • batch counter / filling level switch / fixed-cycle controls
  • contactor controls for reversing operation / pole-changeable drives
  • SPS controls
  • Frequency converters

Loading, discharge and transfer chutes

Feed hoppers and storage bins with various capacities

Catch basins for conveying belt return travel

Kompl. Bandeinhausungen mit Kontroll- und Revisionsöffnungen

Complete conveyor belt housings with inspection holes

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