Belt conveyors - Real all-rounders -

  for bulk goods oder Schüttgut auf der Basis von Band, Rolle oder Gurt konzipiert

Belt conveyors - Real all-rounders

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors - Real all-rounders 

Keiper belt and roller-based conveyors are designed for widely differing applications for unit loads and bulk goods and can be adapted to suit any size of business. The comprehensive range of accessories enables the necessary modifications to be carried out in detail.

Unit load conveyor belts

These are predominantly used in the form of flat belt conveyors. In this case, the conveyor belts are ground down by means of a canted sheet metal section. As well as smooth carrying surfaces, the belts used can also have different profiles, e.g. studs, nap, supergrip or corrugations. Unit load conveyors are predominantly used for linking machines, transporting product to and from machines in pick-and-place systems, packaging and palletising systems, and as sorting conveyors or curved belt conveyors. In their overall concept, unit load conveyors are customised to the specific operating conditions and to the special characteristics of the goods to be transported.

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Bulk goods conveyor belts

These can be used in stationary or mobile design across different branches of industry. Conveyor frames are designed in St 37 material - galvanised or painted - or stainless steel 1.4301, substantially in the form of a tubular mesh structure, sheet steel edged section or in U-section design. Trough belt conveyors or flat belt conveyors are adapted to the various types of bulk goods. Belt conveyors are used as take-off belts, angled belt conveyors, charge and discharge conveyors, sorting belts, distribution and swivel conveyors, weighing belts, loading belts, Z- or L-shaped underfloor belts and corrugated conveyor belts, in all cases specifically adapted to suit the operating conditions and the special characteristics of the particular bulk goods.

Additional equipment such as metal detectors, frequency converters for controlled belt speeds, rotation monitoring, belt skew switches, light barriers, cleaning brushes or counters are standard options.

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Belt conveyors for voluminous products

These can be used for horizontal and inclined transportation. Voluminous products are predominantly paper and cardboard waste such as is encountered in printing shops or in the manufacture and conditioning of cardboard boxes, or in warehouses and mail-order businesses. These special belt conveyors can also be used for feeding rubbish compactors or consolidation containers.

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