Screw conveyors

  - Power and endurance

Screw conveyors - Power and endurance

screw conveyors

Screw conveyors - Power and endurance

For applications in agriculture and the construction industry or in general industry, Keiper offers the appropriate range of tubular screw conveyors, trough screw conveyors, stainless steel screws, double screws, triple screws and mixed screws. All machines are designed for the highest material loading and long service life.

Tubular screw conveyors

Tubular screw conveyors are preferred for transporting and metering powdered, finely granulated and fibrous materials. Different products sometimes require different designs of the screw thread.
Tubular screw conveyors are used as metering screws, press screws, inclined and vertical screws or as single and multiple extraction screws.

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Trough screw conveyors

The trough screw conveyor consists essentially of a U-shaped trough and the spiral screw. Different products require a different design of the screw trough and screw thread, e.g. screw segments with progressive leads, or alternatively a ribbon screw thread.

Trough screw conveyors are used as single and multiple extraction screws, mixing screws, paddle screws, and heating and cooling screws.

The trough channel can also be provided with anti-wear protection.

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Discharge containers with screw conveyor

The discharge container can be used both as a storage container and as a buffer container for widely differing materials, e.g. sludge, chippings, cuttings, granulates or powder.

The discharge screw enables the throughput quantity to be metered, different materials to be mixed, dehydration to be carried out, etc.

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