Conveying Technologies

  - by Ludwig Keiper GmbH & Co. KG

Professional conveying technologies by Ludwig Keiper GmbH & Co. KG

Keiper Conveying Technologies designs, manufactures and installs a broad range of conveying systems from simple cargo-handling and loose-material conveyors to complex conveying systems with integral control units and special features.

With more than 40 years of experience in almost all fields of application of belt and screw conveying systems Keiper-Fördertechnik can provide its customers with unique solutions to specific and individual problems.

Our standard products as well as our customised solutions are supplied to the customer at a competitive, fair and reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

The use of up-to-date CAD, in-house control unit planning and implementation - even in the event of projects for complex systems - goes without saying, and so is the competent service and maintenance provided by our installation team.

Our commitment is based on more than 70 years of experience in mechanical engineering of various industrial sectors, customers throughout Europe, and the reputation of the name "KEIPER". In future, we will continue to guarantee our customers

  • optimum advice
  • high-grade products in terms of quality
  • and a continuous development of our range of products.

Company history

LUDWIG KEIPER established a foundry and a factory for the production of agricultural equipment in 1919. - This was the origin for today's KEIPER-Fördertechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

After World War II the company's existing production was expanded to include automatic rope grabs and conveying equipment for agriculture. The success of these business activities resulted in further opportunities.

The wine-cultivating industry in the Nahe / Rheinhessen region also benefited from the economic upswing in Germany, so increasing investments were made in the expansion of wine production and harvesting technology. Helmut Burckart - owner and managing director of the company KEIPER since 1957 - took advantage of this opportunity for the company and enhanced the previous product line by "conveying technology for winegrowers".

In the 70s, KEIPER was the first company to supply the automatic-discharging grape trailer as a complete product family, thus becoming the market leader in the pomace/grape transport sector. This product section has remained an important part of the KEIPER product range.

To gradually reduce the economic dependence on one industry sector, existing contacts to the general processing industry in various fields have been extended and more and more complex conveying system solutionshave been offered.

This branch has provided the primary source of sales of KEIPER - and is continuing to increase considerably. Since 1984, KEIPER of Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Rainer Burckart, the third Burckhart generation.

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