Special products

  by Ludwig Keiper - Water-Walker, viticulture equipment, Tyrelift

Spezial products by Ludwig Keiper


Since the construction of the first prototype of the Water-Walker® in 2001, a highly motivated team has been involved with the continuous ongoing development, sales and on-site installation of our popular Aquatrainer, which has been awarded a prize for innovation.

Even when the system has been put into operation, we will support you with our competent customer advice and keep you informed of new scientific or technical products and developments.

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 Keiper viticulture equipment

Keiper manufactured the first grape transporter with automatic screw emptying in 1968. This was the start of a dynamic development in grape processing. For more than three decades, Keiper has kept pace with the technical progress of economic logistics systems with sophisticated, imaginative and durable designs.

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Tyrelift Keiper TYRELIFT

It is hard to imagine how a modern tyre store can be operated efficiently and cost-effectively without this vertical tier supply system, which has been under continuous development over the past few decades.

With its low requirement for floor space, its stable steel framework and robust, maintenance-free bolt chain fitted with special tilting forks, the LK-TYRELIFT has proven its worth in hundreds of tyre workshops, tyre wholesalers, garages, the recycling industry, automotive parts traders and the automotive industry, and even in the used tyre burning plants in cement factories.

The tyres are fed onto the LK-TYRELIFT manually from floor level on a special tyre holder (fold-away). Semi-automatic operation can also be provided for special system solutions.

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